Wildays Gear

Choose between 2 tours among the beautiful Emilian hills. 2 hours tour included!

The perfect place for 4×4 addicted. A real circuit with 2 difficulty levels for suitable for all 4-wheels.

Book your Glamping tent and choose between basic or luxury accommodation!

Enjoy our amazing Enduro track between woods and meadows: book your full day!

Live the authentic Wild experience in our Forest Camp with your tent, camper or van!

Chica Loca Enduro classes for beginners or advanced pilots!

Book your demo ride and select the brand you would like to try!

Motocross classes for kids: they will learn how to ride safely and with fun!

Discover the beautiful Emilian hills with your motorcycle: jump on our Moto tours!

Relax and take your time with the Yin Yang yoga session with pro instructors!

Discover the wilderness of the Emilian hills in complete harmony with the landscape and its fauna.

An historical track that will challenge your off-road skills!

Enduro Republic Enduro classes for beginners or advanced pilots! 

Amazing in-road tours with vintage motorcycles powered by RIDE 70s!

You will never break down again with your motorcycle with our Mechanical class!

A once in a lifetime experince: fly with a pro pilot in a historical airplane!

Challenge yourself with Wild yoga session with pro instructors! 

Activities and laboratories for your kids in the nature run by Anamkara Lab

Go exploring the hills with our Enduro Tours, leave the path and go off road!

Choose your accommodation in a list of 10 hotels nearby Wildays!

Improve your driving technique: book your Motocross course!

Experience the wilderness of nature: learn how to survive and live in harmony in the woods!

Book your Enduro experience with Di Traverso Adventouring!

Book your Athletic Training Course dedicated to the world of two wheels!