Would you like to become part fo Wildays crew? This year we have a great news!
If you have already attended the event, or even if this is the first time but you feel confident with Wildays mood, you can become an Ambassador for your city.
What is an ambassador:
He represents Wildays mood
He does in public relations sharing the event between friends and in his city
He becomes a representative for whoever wants to participate at Wildays
He shares on social medias event activities
What we offer to every ambassador:
A Wildays crew t-shirt
1 day free ticket and 1 free drink if you bring up to 10 people from your city
2 days free ticket and 2 free drinks if you bring up to 20 people from your city
Free pass for the whole event, free camping spot and 5 free drinks if you bring up to 50 people from your city
Are there any requirement?
Nope, everybody could be an ambassador, the only requirement is to share Wildays mood!
To participate, send an email to with your photo a short description saying why you would like to be an ambassador!