Wild Yoga


The times in which we take off our shoes and regain possession of our instinctive part by interacting with the nature that surrounds us are increasingly rare.

When we walk barefoot, thanks to the nerves located in the plantar fascia, the energies of the ground can interact with all the organs of our body.

Grounding, which literally means rooting, is by far the best way we have to restore the body’s natural balance and energy renewal, as it restores and maintains the most natural electrical state of the human body.


  • Learn to cultivate awareness by focusing on breathing and body awareness.
  • Focus attention on the sensations our fingers and feet experience.
  • Paying attention to the substantiality of the earth, in silence, listening to the
    our feelings.


In this 60-minute course created by Anamkara Lab you can dedicate yourself to the rebalancing of the body’s energies, together with specialized teachers, starting from the breath and contact with nature.