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Flat Track, also known as Dirt Track is a spactacular motorbike discipline. It was born in 60s in USA and pilots can challenge each others by racing on a flat oval track usually consisting of dirt or loosely packed shale. Before it was called “Dirt Track” because the ovals were sprinkled with charcoals, while the current name is Flat Track. There are 3 ideal ovals: Short Track which develops until 400 meters lenght; Half Mile which develops until 800 meters lenght;
Mile, a classic one developing until 1600 meters, here pilots can reach 200/220 km per hour speed with two-cylinder motorbikes.
USA is the homeland of Flat Track, where most of the world motorbike champions started with this discipline. Spencer, Mamola, Schwantz, Raney but also the whole Hayden family and many other champions have raced in the ovals, supported by many federations.


Slide Ways Race is organized in collaboration with Ferro Magazine.


    Motorbike with a specific customization for a Flat Track challenge


    Motorbikes for whoever is brave enough to challenge the oval with inappropriate motorcycles, 50 CC and scooter excluded.


    Vintage off- road motorbikes.