Wildays was born from the experience reached in the last years by its organizers in fashion, design and motors systems. This is what animates Wildays event: the love for Emilia Romagna region and motorbikes. Wildays is dedicated to vintage, classic and special motorbikes, but also to foodies, wilderness seekers and music lovers. It is organized by Motodrome Entertainment, founded by Alessandro Phonz Fontanesi & San Marco Filios, also known as the Anvils, Gian Maria Montacchini and Anastasia Fontanesi. Technical and administrative support is run by ExtraSpace Group.

Everything started from an idea:

We want to create an event dedicated to motors, outdoor life, food and music, inside one of the most historical places of Emilia Romagna region: Riccardo Paletti racetrack, in Varano de’ Melegari – PR.

Everybody can be a protagonist of the event by participating at the activities of the program. Wildays is an international event in which you can take part in track and off-road races, but you can also visit the exhibitors stands with the participation of the most famous international motor companies.

That’s not all folks!

At Wildays you can discover the real taste of a street food festival, you can attend concerts and DJ sets, you can challenge your friends in many contests but you can also sleep inside the racetrack and go for culinary or natural motorbike tours.

Finally, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of Varano de’ Melegari, which is located between the city of Parma and the Apennines.


If you’re wondering “what can I do at Wildays?”Well, now we are going to explain to you in few words everything you could do during the event, but first let us tell you this: if you come by motorbike, you won’t let it parked all the time, so be prepared to get dirty! Enjoy the wilderness, just bring your boots with you, a backpack, a tent (don’t worry you can also sleep at the Glamping!), a camera, a torch and everything you need for an outdoor adventure, because being at Wildays means being in Wyoming (ok, sometimes we dream big but trust us, Varano de’ Melegari landscape is enchanting!).

Choose between the 5 activities you can do with your motorbike and sign up to participate.If you are a foodie, you can enjoy the taste of real Italian cuisine at the street food festival. If you are a music lover, then you can attend the many concerts and DJ sets that will enrich the program during the day and night. Finally, if you are an adventure seeker, just book one of the motorbike tours in the surroundings and enjoy the beauty of the landscape. Wildays lasts only 3 days, but it’s like a step back in time: everything will be like in the ’70 with a vintage, folk style.

So, save the date, prepare your backpack and warm up your engine: Wildays is coming!